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Miskin is a small village , near Llantrisant in South Wales. The Miskin Arms, situated in the heart of the village has long been a favorite spot for visiting Dance Sides. Some seven or eight years ago a few local musicians got together and started to hold occasional music sessions in the bar. When the Llantrisant Folk Festival ceased to be, there was a hole in the calendar on the last weekend in April. By now the pub had become a popular session meeting place, and the dancers who had become regular at the Festival were keen to carry on the tradition. Mike Greenwood, who gathered and organised the dance side of Llantrisant Festival and Andy Jackson, who was just keen, decided to keep the spirit of the Llantrisant Festivals alive and carry on at Miskin.

The first year it gained the title of Reunion, as it was really a meeting place for friends, old and new. Since then, although the official title may have changed, the happy, relaxed feeling throughout the weekend is still the same. In 1996 we gained the use of the local Miskin Mill Scout Village for camping. Although there are only a few intrepid souls willing to take to the canvas at this time of year, it gave us much needed room as our gardens and floors were getting fuller every year. For the following two years we had the use of more Mill facilities, most notably The Cottage. Stone built and about the size and shape of a small church, the acoustics are just wonderful. The voices just ring and the chorus go on for ever! With the addition of a bar this year we really did feel at home. With the, ever useful, Scout Hut just across the car park for the evening Ceilidhs, this is an ideal small festival site.

For Easter 2000 we have secured the use of the entire Site, both Mill buildings and the Scout Hall. Building on the atmosphere of previous years, this really should be a weekend to remember.

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Have got this far, how many will find their way to Miskin at Easter?

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Last revised: March 11, 2000.